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The primary prerequisite for a counselor at Robindel is a desire to live, work and play with children and, of course, love them also. Male and female counselors are recruited from many outstanding colleges and the teaching profession. Counselors must have completed one year of college. Many ex-campers return to be counselors.

Counselors are interviewed in person and selected on the basis of such qualities as character, stability, interest in children, warmth, personality and activity specialization. All counselors are hired to teach in a specific activity and all females (other than administrators, riding and tripping staff) have cabin responsibility.


All staff must attend a 10-day orientation session prior to camp. About 160 staff are hired to work directly with children and most come from the Mid-west and the South. A doctor and 5 or 6 nurses reside at camp. All transportation expenses are paid. In accordance with the American Camping Association standards, we do not permit tipping or gratuities of any kind. Staff may not smoke on the main campus and must abide by a curfew.



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