Blue & White

Blue and White, traditionally known as “colorwar,” is the highlight of the summer for many campers. Campers and counselors alike eagerly anticipate “breakout” when they find out which team they are on for the summer. Campers love being a part of a team that includes girls from all age groups, with leaders elected from Robinson and Juniper, our oldest cabins.

Each Sunday, everybody dresses in their team color ready to compete in a fun range of activities. Many Blue & White activities are “Robindel Games” designed to make it easier for all children to play and enjoy. Sundays are highly spirited days at camp with constant cheering, singing and encouraging of others.

Special Blue & White events include Apache Relays, the Track Meet, and the biggest event of all – The Blue and White Sing held at the end of the summer. The Sing is the culminating event of Blue & White, commemorating the end of competition and also the summer as a whole.