Why choose Robindel over a camp closer to home?
The experience of traveling away to camp and feeling a distance from home helps to create a platform for a summer of learning, independence and growth. We understand that this can be worrying to send your child away for the first time, and we want you to know that we are always available to talk with you about your daughter’s experience. We are only a phone call or email away.

Another benefit is that your daughter will meet friends from beyond her own neighborhood. She will live and play with other children, learning to accommodate and respect others differences, and ultimately make lifelong friendships with girls from near and far.

Of course, you can’t beat the mild weather, crystal clear Lake Winnipesaukee and White Mountains surrounding camp.

Where are the campers from?
The majority of our campers are from the east coast, though we have campers from 15 different states around the country as well as from abroad.

How do you hire your staff?
We spend our entire winter looking for just the right people to work at Robindel. We look for people who are passionate about working with children, qualified to teach activities and ready to learn and embrace their own camp experience. We personally interview each staff member. Many staff come recommended from other staff who have enjoyed their own Robindel experience.

We check references closely and run background checks on all applicants. Your daughter’s well being at camp is our top priority, so we are very careful to hire a team of staff who support this goal.

What is your cell phone/electronics policy?
Robindel has a strict no cell phone policy. Should your camper arrive at camp with a phone, we will store it for the summer. However, we prefer that it be left at home all together.

iPods, iPads, Kindles or other electronics which are able to access the Internet are not allowed. Your daughter is welcome to bring an iPod Shuffle or other MP3 player that holds music.

We appreciate your support in adhering to these policies which we feel make the best environment for children to be children and to create lasting friendships.

How do I communicate with my daughter during camp?
We schedule parent phone calls throughout the summer. Emails are printed and delivered daily (through our Bunk1.com system), and campers love receiving “snail mail.” You will also have access to our secure website where we post pictures of camp each day. If you ever have any concerns, you can call or email camp to speak with Ann, Nat, Jolly, Cori or your daughter’s unit leader.

How is the food?
It is not camp food like you may remember as a child or like you have seen in the movies! Our head chef has been with us since 1960 and he prepares fresh food daily with the help of a large team of assistant chefs and kitchen staff. We offer a variety of selections at each meal, and alternatives are always available. When people visit Robindel they often comment on the tastiness and variety of our food.

How safe is the location of camp?
Robindel is securely set back off any main roads or highways. We are located down a little-traveled road, and in a cove of the lake. Even with our secure location, we have somebody at the entrance to camp to greet people during the day as well as a nighttime security guard.

How can I get more information about camp?
Please fill out information here and we will be in touch shortly.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email any time.


Summer: June 1st – August 20th
Camp Robindel
81 Geneva Point Road
Moultonboro, NH 03254
Phone (603) 253-9271
Fax (603) 253-7886

Winter: August 21st – May 31st
1271 Mill Road
Meadowbrook, PA 19046
Phone (215) 884-3326
Fax (215) 887-2325

For families interested for the following summer, the best way to get a feel for Robindel is to tour camp while in session.  To set up a tour, click here.