History & Tradition

  • Bocce Ball - Blue & White Competition 1973
  • 1973 Yearbook Cover

Many of our buildings were part of Robinson’s Lodge, a small resort that prospered in the 1940s. In 1951, the Robinsons joined with Paddy & Adele Feldman to start Camp Robindel for Girls. Prior to the summer of 1977, Ann & Nat Greenfield purchased Robindel and they have remained the owners and directors since.

While Robindel has evolved through the years, keeping up with the needs and interests of our campers and maintaining our facilities, important traditions are deeply rooted at camp. Traditional camp songs are still sung during meals or at Sunday Campfire, many Sunday Blue & White games remain unchanged, campers look forward to Apaches, The Sing, Track Meet, Goldrush, Tuesday cookouts, Friday Shabbat dinner, and the ceremonial tree planting by the oldest campers. Whatever the event, girls old and young share the Robindel traditional experience.

In 2019, alumna Nancy Blum Wasserman who began attending Camp Robindel in 1954, recreated the music for the original CR alma mater song (written by Marsha Mosley) so that it will never be forgotten. She worked with a pianist to write the music and recorded herself singing it. We are so grateful for this gift from Nancy which can be heard below. It is easy to imagine the emotion of all of the campers and staff singing this in their final days of summer.


Paddy Feldman, Opening Campfire 1961:

As we enter our second decade of camping at Robindel, it is fitting that we renew our faith and belief in the high ideals that have left such a deep and satisfying imprint on all of us. We shall continue the rich and varied opportunities for the development of worthwhile skills, wholesome fun and personal growth and improvement. In the knowledge that friendships are an essential factor in our camp life, it is our steadfast hope that the years ahead will see the widening and strengthening of these bonds. Our every wish and hope for another ten years of happy camping and comradeship.

wigwamPaddy Feldman and “Doc” Sobel both attended Camp Wigwam, a model for the summer camp industry for most of the first half of the twentieth century.
They then worked together as directors of Robindel and Winaukee.