Meet the Directors

  • Ann & Nat Greenfield
  • Jolly, Carol & Cori
  • The Corley Family
  • The Daniels Family
  • Jolly dancing at Sunday Campfire
  • Nat, Ann, Jolly, Carol & Cori
  • Nat & Jolly
  • Campers with Nat during Carnival
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  • Ann & Nat at Flag Raising

Camp Owners & Directors: Ann and Nat Greenfield

Ann and Nat Greenfield have been the owners and directors of Camp Robindel since 1977. Camping runs deep in each of their families, and is what drew them to one another. They are members of The American Camp Association’s Pioneers of Camping Club, which recognizes directors who have been in camping for at least 30 years.

Ann is a mother and an educator who taught in both public and private schools. She was a camper and counselor for many years and went on to be the president of Golden Slipper Women, a Philadelphia philanthropic camping organization. She has two advanced degrees: An M.S. in Educational Media from the Annenberg School of Media & Communication at Temple University and an M.S. in Reading from Arcadia University (Beaver College) in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Nat spent 18 consecutive summers as a camper and counselor. He is a non-practicing attorney, having always known that his real passion lie in camping. He earned a B.S. in Accounting from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania and a J.D. from Penn Law at The University of Pennsylvania.

Ann and Nat combine to fill the role of head counselor. Ann is involved with all campers on a daily basis and is there to nurture and support them. Nat is famous for his “Nat Chats” with campers who love to stop by the office to say hello. When campers visit Robindel after their final summer, their first stop is often the couch in Nat’s office. Nat also oversees the management of the staff and daily program.

Ann & Nat can be emailed at

Assistant Directors:

Jolly Corley

Jolly has been with Robindel since 1992. Her primary role during the winter is hiring counselors and staff development. She spends months traveling the world to meet potential staff in-person. Once at camp, Jolly’s focus includes working with campers, staff, and prospective CR families. Jolly has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Minnesota State University. She is a member of the American Camping Association task force for 21st century skills. She spends her winters in Minnesota with her husband Chris and their two children, Ronan and Renn. Jolly can be emailed at

Cori Daniels

Cori was an 8-year camper at Robindel and has been a member of the staff since 2000. She coordinates all of the daily activities, evening programs and special events, including the Blue & White program. Cori is the person behind our social media accounts as well as our quarterly newsletters and she communicates with our online CR Family to answer questions related to online forms, photos, our website, etc. She completed her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley and her graduate work at Boston University. Cori taught high school mathematics until 2013 when she joined our year-round team. She spends her winters in California with her husband Adam, their daughters Romy and Orli, and Winni (their dog named after Lake Winnipesaukee). Cori can be emailed at

Associate Director:

Carol Collier

Carol has been part of the Robindel team since 1987. She has been friends with Ann and Nat since the 1970s and sent her oldest daughter to Robindel the first chance she got. After two years of visiting, she knew that she had to stay. Carol is in charge of the office both in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire and she keeps us all organized! During the winter she lives in Merion Pennsylvania with her husband Richard. Her daughters Bess and Lauren live nearby, and her son Matthew lives in NY. Also known as “CC”, Carol is very excited to be a grandmother to her grandsons Teddy and Leo. Carol can be emailed at