Our Camp Program

Robindel is primarily a seven-week camp program. We believe that the full summer experience allows for the most learning and growth, with time for relationships to really develop. Our highly structured program is designed to give campers a well-rounded camping experience and exposure to many activities.

Camp is divided into three divisions: Juniors (1st through 5th graders), Inters (6th & 7th graders), Seniors (8th through 11th graders). Each group has one or two Unit Leaders who act as liaisons between campers, staff and parents. Unit Leaders truly get to know each of their campers, spending time with them both in the cabin and at activities. Our low staff to camper ratio allows us to understand and tend to the individual needs of each camper.

All Junior campers as well as new campers of any age are assigned between two and four older camp sisters. This relationship is established in the spring and is often based on geographic locations. Older camp sisters are encouraged to meet their younger sisters in person if possible. Younger sisters enjoy learning more about camp from their older camp sisters, and they often travel to camp together.