Advent of CR

Christian cultures around the world are celebrating the season of Advent. Depending on your background you may have had an Advent calendar or traditions when you were young; a way of counting down to Christmas/Hanukkah, or school break if you did not participate in religious holidays. Looking at the definition of “advent” it means “the arrival of a notable person, thing or event.” As we approach the season of Advent we are also in the Advent of CR 2018. (I also like that ‘advent’ is part of the word adventure!) It is during this time of year that returning families are registering for camp, looking at the yearbook from last year and making play dates with camp friends; new families are meeting with Ann and Nat and getting excited for their first Robindel experience; returning staff are committing to another CR summer; new staff are filling out applications, interviewing with Jolly, and making their summer plans.

I have fallen into this pattern of practicing three Rs of retreat, reflection and reconnection each fall. In September, I retreat into my family and home here in MN. I spend time getting back into a routine where I am a mom, wife, friend and volunteer. I set up my MN office and retreat from the intensity of camp life. I let the thoughts about summer germinate without a lot of pushing…just being. Then, in October and November I spend time reflecting on camp, life and purpose. I do this through reading; meeting with mentors/people both in camping and other areas that I find inspiring; conferences; workshops; volunteering; yoga; and a lot of internal conversations and questions. Now I begin reconnecting. I will spend the next five months connecting with staff and campers…planning for the arrival of this notable event – CR 2018!