Camp Kindness Day…

Tomorrow (July 14) is Camp Kindness Day – an event highlighting the practice of intentional kindness that happens every day at camp! Here is how you can participate:
1. Recognize somebody in your life for the kindness they have shown to you. This can be with a simple “thank you,” an email, text, call, etc.
2. Do something kind for somebody in your life! No act of kindness is too small.
3. Join the international camp community for a big game of virtual tag! Celebrate #CampKindnessDay and play it forward by tagging your camp friends on social media.

Next Wednesday (July 22) is our next virtual activity. For the first part of this activity we will be baking cookies together! You are welcome to use any recipe you like, but here is a link to The Original Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.
We wanted to give you some advance notice in case you are wanting to participate but need to go grocery shopping! (The activity will be on Wednesday July 22 at 4PM Eastern Time. If you plan to participate try to set your butter out to soften about an hour ahead of time!)

Your CR Family