March Madness is Here

During the 2014 summer we asked our Spruce campers to dress up for a photo that reminded them of “March.” They chose the March Madness theme, pictured below.

SpruceWe agree with our campers that March Madness is a fun time of year. We get to cheer for our favorite college teams, enter brackets that always seem to be won by the people who know the least about basketball, and watch college students from all over the country go “mad” cheering for their team. In many ways it is just like a Sunday at Camp Robindel! Blue and White days provide a chance for everybody to cheer for their team, participate in athletic events and sometimes in silly events like the Counselor Apache, Dread the Red or spontaneous Cheer-Offs.

Most of all, March is a great time of year because the 100-days-til-camp countdown always begins at this time of year. March 18th marked 100 days until the 2015 Robindel summer begins! 

We can’t wait to welcome our campers to Robindel…in less than 100 days!