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August – Bringing Camp Spirit Home


Hi Everybody! Winni here…

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog entry because I have been busy chasing chipmunks, playing in the lake and having fun with the campers and staff at Robindel. It was a great summer for me and the rest of the girls at camp. Though I was excited to come home I really miss being at camp and playing with my friends every day.

I was recently looking through a great book about the history of all-girls sleepaway camps. In case you want your own copy, you can find it here. There is an excerpt taken from Keystone Camp in 1925 that made me think about Juniper in particular. Here it is:

Camp Spirit – we have heard a great deal about it – we have been chided for not having it, we have been complimented when we exhibit it – it has carried us through many trying situations – that mysterious, intangible, and all necessary something called “Camp Spirit.”

What morale is to an army, Camp Spirit is to a camp, and when all else fails, Camp Spirit carries us through.

What is it? You know and I know. It’s the thing which welds us all together, the feeling which makes us do disagreeable tasks when we’d like to grumble; it makes us take pride in our camp, and in our work and in our play; it makes us smile when cold, wet, and hungry; it carries us over the last mile and up the long hard climb and brings us home happy.

Camp Spirit is a thing which depends upon leaders, for the great part, and its presence spells happiness. It grows around the campfire, as we sing our camp songs, as we swing along the road, shoulder to shoulder or as we work and play. You can tell it by the warm feeling around your heart. It’s a dear, precious invaluable something, and if you have acquired it, you are leaving camp that much richer. You will take it home and develop it into school spirit and college spirit and civic spirit, and you will never again do things in the same old careless, irresponsible way.

As you can see, this applies to everybody at Robindel – campers and counselors alike. We all have camp spirit! You can see it when you walk around our community at Robindel, you can hear it when you listen to the constant cheering, coaching and chatting, and you can feel it deep in your heart. Juniper campers are our leaders in many ways, and especially in the category of Camp Spirit. The Juniper 2014 girls have now passed on this responsibility to the young ladies of Juniper 2015 who will help to fill Camp Robindel with lots of Camp Spirit. In the meantime, we hope that everybody has left camp fuller and able to develop camp spirit into spirit for school, work, family, and everything else that members of the Robindel community are involved in each day. We challenge you to treat every task with enthusiasm like you treat B&W activities, every friend like you treat your camp friends who you miss, and every new situation with an open mind and open heart, like we do at camp.

Carry CR Spirit with you all year long…