Welcome To Our Blog: Words From Winni

We welcome you to Camp Robindel’s very first Blog! If you are a Robindel camper or alumni, hopefully you are singing “We welcome you to Robindel, we’re mighty glad you’re here…” in your head. Are you now?

“Words from Winni” is a blog from the shores of Winnipesaukee, written by a dog named Winni. Well, that’s not entirely true because Winni doesn’t know how to type. So, she will have some helpers (aka “Guest Bloggers”) along the way who all share a passion for camp. Words from Winni will include fun camp stories, advice for parents and campers, photos, trends in camping, questions for you (the reader), and more!

Winni is busy getting ready for camp right now. She is practicing swimming in the ocean which makes it really easy to swim in the flat lake at camp! Also, she has been playing with her friends and practicing sharing her toys. She booked her flight to camp and is counting down the days. Winni arrives on June 7th so that she can help get camp ready for all of the campers!

We hope that you enjoy this blog as much as we enjoy writing it, and we hope that every visit to this site reminds you of your summer camp days.