Robindel Gear

  • 2021 Camp Spot Catalog & Packing List…coming later…
  • Our official camp outfitter is The Camp Spot. Follow the link to find their roadshow schedule.

Camp Gear FAQS

Aside from the items on the “required uniform” list, do I need to buy clothing from The Camp Spot?
No. You are welcome to shop elsewhere for the non “CR” items. Most families find that it is easiest to buy all items from The Camp Spot, and campers seem to be comfortable in this clothing. Should you shop elsewhere, please keep in mind that clothing must be navy and white, and that every item should be labeled with your camper’s name.

If my daughter is planning to hike Mt. Washington (Juniper campers only), does she need additional items?
Yes. She will find it very helpful to have sturdy shoes. While hiking specific shoes are helpful, what is more important is that they are properly broken in. A sturdy pair of running shoes that are worn in is better than a brand new pair of hiking boots. She should bring TWO Nalgene type water bottles. In addition, she should be prepared for inclement weather at the top of the mountain with gloves, a warm fleece and a WATERPROOF rain jacket. Robindel will supply a backpack for use during this trip.

If my daughter is in Robinson or Juniper, does she need anything special for the white water rafting trip?
Waterproof shoes are recommended. Flip flops are not acceptable.

Does the sleeping bag need to be in a stuff sack?
While this is not required, it is highly recommended. Sleeping bags that are kept in stuff sacks tend to be cleaner and dry when campers are ready to use them.

Why doesn’t the packing list include a shoe bag?
All cabins have shoes cubbies, which we find to be more useful in keeping shoes organized.

Does every item need to have a name on it?
YES! This includes water bottles, tennis rackets, cameras, sunglasses, goggles and shoes, which are the items most commonly left unclaimed at the end of the summer.

Questions about packing? Please contact us any time!