Summer 2021 Update

Updated May 12, 2021

COVID Questions Answered Here…




View our COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan. Please email if you have any questions or concerns. She will answer your questions or direct your email to the appropriate person.


Camp in a Bubble

Our ultimate goal for the summer is to allow camp life to be as “normal” as possible. All of the protocols that we are putting in place are for the health and well-being of our camp community with the intention of no masks & no cohorts after an initial period. It is for this reason that we are implementing very strict protocols & testing regimens especially in the two weeks leading up to camp and the first 10 days of camp. We will be asking each member of our camp community to give a written commitment to our rules understanding that our goal can only be achieved if everybody is 100% committed. 

Summer 2021 will look different, but when we reflect on our core values, we know that you chose Robindel as a summer home for your daughter because of the lifelong friends she will make, the lifelong skills she will learn, and the opportunities for challenge, growth, time in nature and, of course, fun. For the health and safety of our campers and staff we anticipate the need to limit who comes in and out of camp. We are planning for no inter-camp tournaments and out-of-camp trips. Our staff will be taking their time off on camp property. Even in a bubble, camp will feel very much the same – we will have intra-camp tournaments, special event days, camping trips with s’mores & campfires on Robindel property, our B&W program, and brand new programming that we are planning for this summer. Campers who join us at Robindel this summer will enjoy an authentic Robindel experience.


Summer Dates

Saturday, June 26 – Saturday, August 14. Campers signed up for 4 or 5 weeks will all be required to start camp on June 26.

Unfortunately we just cannot see a way to host Visiting Day while maintaining a safe bubble for our camp community. It would be impossible to monitor who comes and goes and to maintain social distancing protocols. We will provide ample time for you to speak to your children by phone and by video conferencing and we will communicate those details closer to summer. We will also make sure that you get to meet your child’s counselors and unit leader virtually.


Travel to Camp

Some notes about our opening day plan:
We are aware that other camps are offering bus and group flight options. We believe that each camp must decide what works best for them, and there is truly no “right” answer in this situation. Our decision to require each parent to drop off their child at camp stems from the following thoughts:

-If campers from different cohorts travel together and then one camper tests positive for COVID-19 during the first week of camp, contract tracing will likely require most (or all!) of the camp to quarantine.

-We plan to conduct a PCR test on opening day that will give us results before campers enter camp. Thus, we are eliminating the risk of campers being in close contact prior to results from the opening day PCR test.

-If a camper tests positive (on the PCR test) upon arrival at camp, a parent will be there to take her home. This is not only important from a logistical perspective but also from an emotional perspective. We do not want a child to arrive at camp and have to remain isolated while a parent travels to pick her up.

-We recognize that opening day this summer, no matter the plan, will be different from the normal first day that involves lots of mixed-age hugging, hand holding and excited shouting. When we think about the emotions of the first day, both from a parent and child perspective, we believe that saying farewells at camp where a counselor will be waiting to welcome your daughter into camp is the best scenario. We have concerns about asking children to remain masked and distanced on a bus for 6+ hours. We want you and your daughter to feel positive about her camp experience from the start, and we are making our plans with this in mind.

We will be requiring all parents to drop off campers at Robindel on opening day. Campers will be arriving on a staggered schedule and we will advise you in advance of your designated arrival time. Please plan to allow the drop off at camp to take 1-2 hours. For those living a plane ride away, you can view current New Hampshire travel guidelines here.

Please note: All baggage must be shipped to camp ahead of time. When your daughter arrives at camp, everything will already be unpacked and her bed will be made.

As soon as we have exact protocols and arrival times set in place we will be in touch.
Please note that campers exhibiting ANY possible symptoms of COVID-19, flu, or other illness, and/or those with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, will not be admitted to camp. There are no exceptions to this rule.

We are planning to use our regular coach buses (NY/NJ/CT) and to offer flights for travel home from camp on August 14.



The success of our camp opening is directly tied to the adherence of policies that we put in place to protect our entire camp community. Campers and staff will be asked to be extra vigilant in their connections outside of home and school in June, especially in the two weeks leading up to camp. In those 14 days before camp we will ask you to stay home as much as possible and to wear masks and socially distance when leaving the house is necessary. There should be no trips or situations where campers or family are in high-density settings or risk unnecessary exposure. A large family get-together or a farewell party could jeopardize summer camp for our entire community. (Attending school is considered to be a safe activity during this period of time.)

In the 10 days leading up to camp we will ask you to complete a daily clinical screening at home. This will be done through your CampMinder account and will be very simple.



We will be relying heavily on PCR testing – they provide the most sensitive and specific results.

All campers and staff will be required to test at home within 5 days (preferably within 72 hours) of arriving at camp – This must be a PCR test.  The second test will be upon arrival at camp (using a PCR test that will give results in 30 minutes). The third PCR test will be 7 days after arriving at camp. We will have access to tests throughout the summer should any camper or staff present with symptoms.


Masks & Pods

We are planning on utilizing masks and keeping campers in pods as we create our camp bubble at the start of the season. We will consider each cabin group to be like a family and each cabin building to be like a house. When the family is at home, masks may be removed. Any time that campers and staff are outside of their family unit, distancing will be required. Masks will be required when indoors. We will be maximizing our time spent outdoors, particularly during the start of the camp season.

Frequent hand washing and sanitizing will be the new norm at camp. Counselors will practice this during orientation and will help to remind campers to keep their hands clean.

Staff will conduct a daily health of every camper each morning.

Once we pass our final testing & monitoring period (7-10 days into camp) and we are hopefully “in the clear,” we hope to be able to remove mask requirements and embrace!


Medical Team

We have an exceptional medical team in place for this summer including 4 female doctors who are all Robindel alumna and a medical supervisor who is also very familiar with Robindel. Our medical supervisor is Whitney Nash. Whitney was a counselor and administrator with us for many years, she met her husband Tim at camp and she is now a professor at The University of Louisville School of Nursing. Our doctors include Jacqueline Raicek, Melissa Leber, Zoë Gottlieb and Elana Oberstein. Of course we will also have a large group of nurses to round out the team.



The entire camp will be thoroughly sanitized prior to the start of camp. We have purchased an electrostatic sprayer and will use CDC-approved, safe chemicals specifically proven to eliminate COVID-19. We will have heightened sanitation procedures throughout camp that our staff will be trained on. In particular, kitchen staff will undergo training on enhanced food handling and serving protocols; housekeeping staff will undergo training on deep cleaning of bathrooms and high touch areas throughout camp. All buildings will have a sanitizer dispenser mounted beside the entry door, and campers and staff will be instructed to sanitize any time they enter and exit a building. Mail deliveries will be dropped at the entrance to camp and will be unpacked by our staff. Food deliveries will be dropped outside of the kitchen and will be unpacked by our staff.


Odds & Ends

What if my child tests positive for COVID-19 just before camp?  She would be unable to come to camp until she completes a 10 day isolation at home, remains symptom free for 24 hours and is cleared by the home and camp physicians.

What if my child tests positive for COVID-19 upon arrival at camp or during the camp season? If your daughter tests positive upon arrival, she will need to go home with you. (Please note that if you traveled via airplane you will need a plan in place to stay locally as you will not be permitted to take public transportation home.) Should she test positive after arrival you will be required to pick her up within 24-48 hours. Returning to camp will require a 10 day isolation at home, 24 hours without symptoms and clearance from the home and camp physicians.

What if there is a positive case of COVID-19 in my child’s cabin? Campers and counselors in that cabin would remain in their pod and would participate in activities and meals as a group for 7-10 days. They would be closely monitored for symptoms and given a COVID-19 test prior to mixing with other cohorts after the 7-10 day period.

What if my child needs medical attention outside of camp? We will only take a camper out of camp for medical attention if our camp physician deems it necessary. If a camper requires medical attention that cannot be offered at camp, we will have a designated staff member who will take her to the local hospital. We will follow strict protocols as recommended by our doctors to keep the camper and staff member protected. We will contact you should your daughter need to leave camp for medical attention.