A Day at Camp for Staff

Time Activity
8:00am Reveille (morning bugle) rings to wake up the campers. Sometimes they need some help waking up, which is why counselors are up and ready before the bugle!
8:30am Breakfast. Meals are served family style with counselors at the heads of the tables to help.
9:00am Clean Up. Counselors, Bunk Uncles and Bunk Aunts all join in to help campers with their daily clean-up jobs. Of course, your own area needs to be cleaned as well.
9:30am Activity bugle. Time to go to your department area!
9:40am-10:30am 1st Activity
10:40am-11:30am 2nd Activity
11:40am-12:30pm 3rd Activity
12:30pm Head back to your cabin. Say hi to your campers and co-counselors before heading to lunch.
12:45pm Lunch
1:15pm-2:20pm Rest Hour. This is a great time to hang out, talk and play with your campers in the cabin. (If you are on duty at night, you have rest hour off.)
2:30pm-3:20pm 4th Activity
3:30pm-4:20pm 5th Activity
4:30pm-5:20pm 6th Activity
5:20pm-6:00pm Shower Hour. Head back to your cabin to supervise campers and make sure that they are getting showered before dinner.
6:00pm Dinner (If you are off-duty, it begins when the dinner bugle rings. Of course, you are always welcome to spend your time off at camp!)
6:30pm-7:15pm A relaxed time at camp and a great time to play ga-ga, swing or just chat with campers.
7:15pm Evening activity. We will ask you to help lead some evening activities throughout the summer. We love new ideas too, so if you have any let us know!
8:00pm Snack time at the Head Cabin. Listen for announcements!
9:00pm Bed times differ based on the age group. All campers need to be in their own cabins 30 minutes before lights out. Evenings are a great time to reflect on the day with your campers. You can even read bedtime stories! This is the time that you will be reminded that camp is like a 7-week slumber party!

We promise that you will leave camp and still hear the bugle in your head! Bugles are played at camp to signify important times such as wake up, meals, and activities. Never heard one? Click below!